may-2009-florida-and-june-2009-reno-iris-0392Welcome to My Priceless Life!

I’m finally old enough to graduate from being considered merely a “weird little person” to being deemed a full-blown eccentric. The nice thing about being this age is not worrying much about what people think of me. I’m finally free to be just exactly who I want to be!

I’m offering up my observations, creations and determinations publicly to motivate, inspire, entertain or otherwise impact your life in some positive way.

In the coming months and years I plan to share on this site my musings, coaching strategies, poetry, and my most recent adventure — novel-writing — as well as yet-to-be uncovered creative and life-affirming pursuits.

As a writer and a life coach, my livelihood is dependent on being compensated for my services. If you have need of these services and you like what you see on this website, contact information can be found on my Contact page at

Thanks for stopping by and taking this journey with me.  I hope that something I have to say about my own life has a positive impact on yours by striking a chord and encouraging you to delve deeper or make meaningful change happen. May your own journey through life prove as fascinating and satisfying to you as mine continues to be to me.

Peace be with you,
Iris Joan Price

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