What am I all about? What do I want to achieve in this lifetime?  I hope my personal insights and humor will make a positive impact by motivating, inspiring, entertaining, and enriching your life.

Thesaurus.com offers these synonyms for an alternative definition of “priceless,” meaning extremely funny: absurd, amusing, comic, droll, hilarious, humorous, rib-tickling, ridiculous, riotous,  sidesplitting.

Since discovering my inner-comedian and an apparent lifelong desire to entertain, I’m now happily engrossed in writing what I hope will be the first in a humorous series of novels about an in-your-face Baby Boomer chick from New York, nicknamed “Chicken Cacciatore.” Chicken has a bit of a body image issue, but she’s finding out she should be more careful what she wishes for. It could turn out to be more than anyone can handle!