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Down The Internet Rabbit Hole

Monday, April 20th, 2009

My friend emailed me this morning to say she had gone down another “rabbit hole” on the Internet.

I know exactly what she means. When you are easily distracted by a wide variety of ideas, as I am, it is easy to forget what you started looking for and end up getting excited by something that leads you away from your reason for getting online in the first place.

I’m beginning to think I could benefit from a support group for souls lost on the Internet, if I could only find one without winding up responding to other people’s blogs for a couple of hours or joining another online Baby Boomers group found while following bread crumbs on Twitter.

I wonder if I actually did stop surfing long enough to find an online group for networking-holics, whether I’d be tempted to surreptitiously surf while participating in the group,thus dooming myself to complete and utter failure.

I might as well face facts. If I’m procrastinating this afternoon by answering a survey from a social networking website about why I use social networking websites, I have a bit of a problem. I mean, taking 3 Facebook quizzes a day that analyze what I already know about myself so I can agree with the results is no longer serving my original purpose for networking!