Through Your Eyes

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

The way you look at someone–and smile–will affect them in ways you may never know.

Some of us take a lot of trouble with our appearance–to present the best possible countenance to the rest of the world. We gaze in the mirror and refine our looks with gadgets and beauty products, preening and posing until we are satisfied with the way we look. Sometimes we even smile at the reflection we see…and guess what…it smiles back! We leave feeling good about ourselves.

But what about the “look” we give the rest of our fellow travelers in our daily rounds? Are we as generous with each of them–as pleased with what we see in their faces? Maybe some of us are not even pleased with the image we last saw in the mirror. Bad hair day? Acne? Didn’t get the makeup quite right? And, oh no–wrinkles!

Remember that the most perfect “look” you show the rest of the world is the way you look at others, the way you see them, and the way they see themselves reflected in your eyes.

Don’t forget to smile.

Pursuit of Prosperity: What are you worth?

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

Money is not good or evil. Like everything in life, it is both, and how you perceive it is personal. What is money exactly? We don’t even see it anymore. We swipe a plastic card and somewhere in cyberspace funds are moved electronically from one bank account to another representing someone giving monetary value to someone or something. So the amount of “money” we receive for work or services we perform is simply a representation of what our work or services, and by extension, ourselves are “worth” to someone else.

The more important question is, What are you worth to yourself? If you want to attract prosperity, you have to first believe that you are valuable and that what you give is valuable. Without that first crucial step, you are not going to be attracting enough money to sustain yourself.

Is your life worth living? Then it is worth getting paid, at the very least, enough for necessities. If you believe you’re more valuable than that, you will always be taking steps, even unconsciously, to receive more. If you believe what you do benefits others, you will receive enough money and enough fulfillment to be happy and secure. In other words, it all starts with whether or not you believe you are valuable.